Field Artillery Battery

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  • Model: UBX07
  • Manufactured by: Battlefront

Field Artillery Battery (UBX07)
with 4 guns with crew and scenic bases, 1 Observer team, 1 Staff Team with scenic base, 1 command team & 1 Jeep.

The M2A1 105mm Howitzer is the mainstay of the US artillery. With their specialist artillery missions and the excellent communications they are always on call to support the US Army’s operations.
Developed in the 1920's up to the pre-production stage, the gun however didn't go into production due to the surplus number of World War One vintage 75mm field guns still in service. The project was put on hold till the US entered World War Two in 1941. Designated as the 105mm Howitzer M1, further refinements were made during the course of the war with various designation of the 105mm Howitzer serving the US armed force up until the Vietnam conflict.
All parts on the gun were interchangeable, so that with the 105mm field howitzer different combinations of gun and carriage were produced. An experienced crew can fire up to 100 rounds per hour. In WWII, some M2A1 guns were mounted on medium tank chassis as mobile artillery (M7 Priest). The 105mm howitzers, though occasionally modified, are in the arsenals of more than 60 countries.
In Flames Of War

The 105mm Howitzer can punch a real punch! Combined with US special rules regarding artillery (see page 161 of the main rule book) such as Time On Target and Hit ‘em With Everything You’ve Got the enemy are in some real trouble!
Firing Bombardments
Range 72”/180cm; Anti-tank 4; Firepower 4+

Direct Fire
Range 24”/60cm; Anti-tank 9; Firepower 2+

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